Activities during your stay in Mauritius

Mauritius invites you to tours to a stunning tropical garden that seems to arise from the emerald green waters of a stunning lagoon. Located off the east coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is one of the most beautiful holiday spots in the country.
Mauritius is a tiny island country that lies at the tip of a huge volcano and looks marvelous with its barrier reefs and emerald blue waters and lovely pure beaches.
Discover the wonders of Mauritius while strolling through the streets and alleys, shop for goods at the local markets steeped in the aroma of Saffron. Visit the various architectural wonders that are reflective of the medieval architecture and European heritage in this tiny island country.
Discover the fascinating colors of the Mauritius culture, participate in the traditional festivals and marvel at the unique cultural customs that are an amalgamation of Indigenous, Indian, Chinese and European cultures.

You can enjoy water sports at almost all the beaches located in Mauritius though its is better not to go deep sea diving unless one is an experienced diver as the area is infested with sharks and you are likely come across ship wrecks. 
Mauritius offers you ample opportunity to visit the important tourist attractions located in Mauritius. Visit the bustling Port Louis that happens to be the happening capital city of Mauritius. Go on tours to the China Town and the Muammar El Khadafi. Tours to Curepipe in Mauritius brings you to an enchanting world of tea gardens and ship building industry. 
Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens is a must visit while you are on tours to beautiful Mauritius.
If Mauritius is particularly known for it's marvellous beaches,there are several sites around the island which are worth a visit. You will discover some of the fabulous natural treasures of Mauritius. The dimensions of the island allow you to reach tham easily . 

To Discover the island you can either rent a car, 
Or take a car with a chauffeur who will guide you to those fabulous natural treasures of Mauritius, and other beaches of the island. The car and the chauffeur stay with you all day. Along the way he will stop at the good restaurants where you can have lunch. You will also rest on the beach and do some shopping if you want to bring back some souvenirs.
There are several Tours and excursions which last one full day.

1- Port louis & The north

The Citadelle
Caudan Water Front
-Blue Penny Museum
- Port vue
Central Market
Pamplemousses Botanical Garden
Sugar Adventure
Cap Malheureux 
Péreybère (beach)
Mont Choisy (beach)
Troux aux aux Biches (beach)
Pointes aux piments

2 Curepipe & the south west

Grand Bassin 
Ganga talao (the temple)
Lac sacré - pilgrimage site for the hindus
Bois cheri, the tea factory
Crocodile Vanille Park
Gris Gris
Black River Gorges
Chamerel Water Falls
Seven colour earth

3 - The South

Tours on l’Ile aux aigrettes (Natural reserve) 
réservation au 631 23 96 
Blue Bay – Pointe d’Esny (beach) 
Domaine du Chasseur 
Domaine Ylang Ylang 

4 - The centre and the south

Glass Gallery
Phoenix Sea model factory
Floreal Museum
Textile Museum
Shopping Textile
Adamas Jewelry
Troux aux Cerfs
Cape town
Mare aux Vacoas
Alexandra Falls
Black River Gorges
Chamerel Water Falls
Seven color earth

5 - South west

Casela Nature Park 
Bird sanctuary (paid entrance )
les salines, salt factory. Surfing
La Gaulette : view on l’ile aux bénitiers
Le morne
Baie du Cap
Bel Ombre
La Valée des Couleurs (paid)
Gorges de la Rivière Noire.

6 - The East

Ile aux cerfs
beachs & Activités nautiques
WaterPark ( leisure Village)

7 - The North ( with Blue Safari)

Le Chivala ( the biggest hindu temple)
Troux aux aux Biches (beach)
Mont Choisy (beach)
Grand Baie 
capitale touristique de l’ile, several nautic activities
Under sea walk ( 236 78 19, 263 30 77, 5729 44 11 )
Péreybère (beach)
Cap Malheureux famous for it's church with the red roof
Blue Safari

8 - La route du thé

Domaine des Aubinaux
Bois Chéri (  the factory , how we make tea )
St Aubain/ Rivière des Anguilles
Maison de la Vanille, serres d’anthuriums